August 2023 Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, August 8
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Topics:  Two – 1 hour sessions: “Ethics – Insurance and Beyond – A Guide For Insurance Professionals” and “Navigating the SIU Minefield”
Presentation By: Ulises Castellon, CPCU RPA – FCA – Chief Executive Officer 

Our August Chapter Meeting will be on August 8th. There will be two 1 hour sessions. Topics are described below.

“Ethics – Insurance and Beyond – A Guide For Insurance Professionals” 

This workshop is constructed upon the foundational concept that insurance is a business of trust. The discussion frames this concept within the context of societal issues to which all can relate. Relevant topical examples will be utilized to illustrate the challenges faced by insurance professionals. This session is not designed to teach or preach! It is designed to highlight the importance of ethics to insurance professionals. The goal of the workshop is to raise awareness to ethical issues in order to help “build an ethical, effective, sustainable business culture that safeguards your reputation.” Josephson Institute – 2011  

 “Navigating the SIU Minefield”

This educational yet entertaining program provides insurance professionals with a multitude of insights and tips for navigating the hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface of an SIU investigation. The responsibility of insurers to investigate fraud must be undertaken within the context of contractual responsibilities to their customers. Thoughtful claims handling can help avoid the misperception of a covenant of good faith and fair dealing breach. We begin with a case that presents several “red flags”, triggering a SIU investigation, and then discuss several key ways to improve a SIU investigation and results. The insights and discussion are relevant to property and casualty insurance professionals ranging from front line claim handlers to litigation managers and executives.

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