About Our Chapter

The Arizona Chapter of International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to mirroring IASIU’s mission of:

  • Promoting a coordinated effort within the industry to combat insurance fraud
  • Providing education and training opportunities for the insurance investigator / adjuster
  • Developing a greater awareness of the insurance fraud problem
  • Encouraging high professional standards of conduct among insurance investigators / adjusters
  • Supporting legislation that acts as a deterrent to the crime of insurance fraud


The Arizona Chapter of IASIU is a strong chapter with ever growing membership throughout Arizona.

Members of our chapter enjoy benefits such as:

  • Quarterly Meetings which include presentations on a variety of industry related topics.
  • Free access to the online website, www.aasiu.com.
  • Timely Notification of SIU employment opportunities.
  • The latest and greatest in training news and opportunities.
  • Events that provide Networking Opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of the IASIU Arizona Chapter, be sure to visit the Membership? portion of this site. Or if you’d like a personal call from one of our Chapter Board Officers, send us a quick email at: info@aasiu.com or if you’ve made your mind up and want to join now then by all means go right ahead!